Video #1: A 5-Minute Synopsis of Climate Crisis

I’m honored to announce what may be my first appearance on YouTube (though can’t say I was holding my breath for the moment).

The video is now live for the recent Morehead-Cain event on climate crisis about which I wrote last week. For anyone solely interested in my remarks (hi Mom!), they start around the 6.15 mark, although I’d argue that the lively Q&A was the most interesting part of the evening.

Thanks for watching, and do reach out with feedback if you have any.

In heavier news,  Governor Cuomo is trying to gut NYC’s landmark Climate legislation from 2019 in what would amount to a massive handout to the real estate industry. If you’re a New Yorker, I would love if you would call the governor’s office and your local and state-level elected officials to express your opposition to “the Proposed Part R of the TED Bill in the Executive Budget, which would Cut Good Jobs & Increase Pollution,” in the words of the grassroots climate justice orgs that led the fight for the passage of the Climate Mobilization Act.

Here’s to a better future and the transformative decade we need and can win.

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