Banning New Fossil Fuel-Powered Power Plants in New York State: An Invitation

There are currently bills in the NY State Senate and Assembly to ban the construction of new fossil fuel-powered power plants. To quote the identical bill summaries:

“Prohibits the development of any new major electric generating facilities that would be powered in whole or in part by any fossil fuel, unless the developer of such facility can demonstrate a need for such facility, and that there is no other reasonable method to satisfy such need.”

The focus, in particular, here is to prevent the construction of wasteful, highly-polluting, and environmentally-unjust peaker plants in NYC (such as those currently proposed for Astoria and Gowanus), but fracked-gas projects Upstate – like the Danskammer, Cricket Valley, and CPV power plants – speak equally clearly to the need for such legislation.

Do you live in New York? Are you interested in supporting this push? Given that the NYS legislative session ends on June 10th, the timeline for passage of this only-recently-introduced bill is compressed, and thus prospects for passage a bit of a long shot, but the time is right, the need is urgent, and your help can be part of winning this victory, so please do reach out if you want be a part of the effort.

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