Let’s Win a Gas Ban for New York City

I’d hoped to write a nice long piece today after my long hiatus from writing, but, instead, I ended up taking three nice long fall walks instead.

As regular readers know, a significant part of my own work is around climate policy organizing in NYC. For the past year, a grassroots coalition of which I’m a part has worked to pass legislation to ban natural gas hook-ups in new construction and major renovations in NYC. Exxon has been funding a disinformation campaign on FB targeting us, but in spite of that headwind, and the opposition of REBNY, we have a hearing scheduled for this coming Wednesday for this important climate legislation. We have the co-sponsorship of 23 of the 49 seated members of the NYC City Council (two seats are currently open) as well as that of Public Advocate Jumaane Williams, and I’d love if we had your support as well. We’ll be holding a virtual rally at 11 AM ET this Wednesday, November 17th, and the hearing will follow at noon. Please do consider joining, testifying, or, at very least, writing to or calling your city councilperson to voice your strong support for Intro 2317.

Beyond that, on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve been thinking a lot about the crypto-climate intersection. There are suddenly a lot of interesting, credible projects at that interface – or at least projects that are not obviously either pie-in-the-sky or outright scams. A few of the more noteworthy efforts are KlimaDAO, Toucan, and MOSS, but there are dozens of others at this point, many of them organized as DAOs. Curious to see where this leads.

I hope to be writing more in the next month or so. In the meantime, hope to have your support on Wednesday in winning another major climate victory in New York!

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